After getting back to London I went to the website of my last supplier of the yarn for dyeing, to purchase some more of the tussah silk. This is partly so that I can do some dyeing with the eucalyptus from my own garden, and also as I want some more of the card cones as found objects to use for my film projects. Unfortunately it seems like this was a batch that they were selling out, and don’t have any more. A search of google hasn’t uncovered any more of the same yarn.

However, I have found other raw silk yarns online, and have had to get to grips with yarn categorised by the “Nm” or “new metric” system (which I will explain in another post). I purchased this 200g cone of 2/30 raw silk yarn, and it should be arriving later in the week.


Here’s the long over-due documentation of some hand-dying over Easter 2014:

The spools of wool and silk Eleanor bought were first unwound and wound into skeins. These skeins were then soaked and put into the hot dye. We also tried a bit of ‘tie-dyeing’ and uneven dyeing.

Yesterday’s stash from the black sheep wools visit. Not such a large haul as last time – they didn’t have a big sale on – probably for the best!
I bought:
Louisa Harding Ianthe, teal. 50% extra fine merino, 50% cotton. They only had 8 balls yet so I bought the lot. It will make a nice vest. I already have some of this in a gunmetal/denim dark blue/grey, which I have just completed a project in (I will post as soon I have sewn in the ends), and another that I have just started.
Rowan alpaca cotton, dark teal. 72% alpaca, 28% cotton. They only had two balls of this but it was so nice I bought it! Probably make a scarf.

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Impressed by my persistent obsession with knitting, my friends, Lucas and Lizzie, decided to indulge me on by birthday with four balls of Grignasco new wool yarn. Looking through the patterns I have amassed, the gauge and yarddage would probably allow the knitting of Jo Sharp’s Ultra vest.

When one is knitting and there is a cat about, one always has to be careful that the dancing yarn doesn’t attract her attention.

Felt toys and felt balls left on the floor keep Gugu amused for hours.