After using Jo’s swift and baller I was convinced this is the only sensible way to create and ball up skeins. So I ordered both a swift and baller. The swift arrived on Friday, and the baller should be arriving on Monday.

The swift is not a fancy wooden one like Jo’s, but does come in a nice box for storage. I will try it out once the baller arrives.



After buying some Symfonie needles at BlackSheep and finding them lovely to knit with I thought I would give their circulars a try. I picked up a cheap pair of 3.25 tips at Blacksheep and MQ bought me a 80cm purple cable, but I have now ordered 3.75 and 4mm pairs and some more cable lengths, including a few 40cm ones to use as stitch holders or to convert the tips to straight not circular needles. I now need to make myself a little pouch for the tips, cables and caps.

Clover point protecter

When I started knitting, I liked usingĀ  metal straight needles because they are inexpensive and somehow seem traditional. But I have since converted to Japanese bamboo needles. Knitting with circulars also changed my preference to knitting with shorter needles (less elbow room needed). Hollis’s cable vest needed 4.0mm to achieve the correct gauge and it seemed a waste to buy yet another set of needles. So I converted my double-pointed bamboo needles into straights using point protectors. Read More