Raw silk supply

After getting back to London I went to the website of my last supplier of the yarn for dyeing, to purchase some more of the tussah silk. This is partly so that I can do some dyeing with the eucalyptus from my own garden, and also as I want some more of the card cones as found objects to use for my film projects. Unfortunately it seems like this was a batch that they were selling out, and don’t have any more. A search of google hasn’t uncovered any more of the same yarn.

However, I have found other raw silk yarns online, and have had to get to grips with yarn categorised by the “Nm” or “new metric” system (which I will explain in another post). I purchased this 200g cone of 2/30 raw silk yarn, and it should be arriving later in the week. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351838609021


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