Two lace yarn vests

IMG_4802 IMG_4804

These two vest knitted from lace weight yarn were each completed some time ago, so are now showing some signs of wear and a bit of shrinkage for the first one. More pictures and narrative below, including some lovely miniature daffodils!

The first one is knitted in Scrumptious Lace by Fyberspates, 45% silk, 55% merino, slate, and is the following cocoknits pattern: as documented on a much earlier post which shows how long ago the project was started: New Lace Yarn

The neck came out too wide so I added a detail that I had seen on a Kirsten Johnstone pattern.



There is a nice pot of daffodils outside the research shed – they are a dwarf variety which suits the pot well. Here are also some tulips starting to appear in the pot. Buffy likes to sit on the deck next to the pot when there is sunshine.

This green top was knitted from one single 50g hank of Malabrigo Silkpaca Yarn (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% silk).

I made up the pattern myself, with some of the shoulder detail from the cocoknits vest.




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