Some 2015 knits so far…

Cotton Neat Vest
We were away in HK and Tokyo from December 2014 to mid-March 2015. I took some projects with me but it’s shocking to think I did not knit the whole time I was away except on the plane there and  back. So the first order of business when I returned was to finish off some projects.

Cotton Neat Vest and Jeanee Eyelet Rolled Brim Hat

This is the modified Cotton Neat Vest pattern from Pierrot (first discovered by Alex) using Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran. I need to increase the size generally (it’s for Redmond) and also changed the pattern to knitting in the round, starting from the bottom up to the arm openings. Front and back (actually the same) are then knitted separately. The shoulders were joined using 3-needle bind-off and the neck was knitted in the round using dpns.

Above is a picture of it being blocked (you can see the general shape).  The little green hat on the right is an eyelet brimmed hat for my friend’s, Ellen, new baby, Freya. The pattern is from Plymouth Yarn Company (free download from Ravelry) and the hat was knitted with Sublime Egyptian Cotton.

Ultra Vest and Baby Top Knot Hat

Here’s a photo of Redmond, wearing a Jo Sharp Ultra Vest knitted with Grignasco Iceland, holding baby Lenny (our neighbours’, Pat and Elisha, newborn). I knitted Lenny a Baby Top Knot hat (pattern by Torya Williams, free download from Ravelry) with Debbie Bliss Bella as a welcome to the world present.

This is the lovely Broadwalk vest. I bought the pattern from the much missed Thirroul yarn shop. The pattern is written by Heidi Kirrmaier for Brooklyn Tweed. I knitted it with Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply. It’s a nice pattern and the yarn blocked to size well. I am thinking of knitting another one with Grignasco Champagne (the last 5 balls in the country bought from Morris & Sons).

iPhone Sweater

In April we had some wet weather that lasted for days and days and days. My trusty ancient Sony Ericsson ended in the drink during one of the dramatic storms. It still worked after it dried out but the screen was packing up. My friend, Etienne, was upgrading his iPhone 4 to a 5, and offered to trade the old one with me. I knitted the new phone a sweater: the pattern by Pam Allen (free from Quince and Co) and knitted with Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply (MC) –  and Jo Sharp Cotton (CC).

iPhone Sweater

Etienne was going to give the phone to me for half the asking price on eBay, but I talked him into trading it with me for a hand-knitted hat for his daughter.


So here it is. The hat  pattern is by Dani Sunshine (free download from Ravelry) and knitted with Louisa Harding Ianthe.

I am working on a ribbed cardigan from the Heirloom pattern book (the first pattern book I bought!) with Heirloom colorworks, which I bought in  Canberra (sadly all the wool shops in Wollongong have closed down!).  I am also eyeing of a pattern and yarn from Brooklyn Tweed for Redmond’s 2015 birthday jumper. And some re-knitting to do.


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