Some 2014 knits

Here are some 2014 projects. As I am a bit lazy with posting, I will group them all together here in this entry. These are some smaller projects that used up the surplus yarn. (I noticed there was no post in 2014.)

This is a Jo Sharp’s Ribbed Shrug and I used the specified mohair yarn previously bought to knit some socks with. I gave this to my friend Louise as a gift.

Lace-leaf Hat
I knitted this hat for Ablie May for the winter trip to Canberra. The pattern is a free download from Ravelry by Sophy L O’Donnell. I used up the Quince and Co Osprey yarn I have left over from the Agnes sweater.

Slouched Tova Hat

Slouched Tova Hat
This is a hat I knitted for my friend Ali. The free pattern is from Give me a Purl and I used up Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre yarn I had left over from Redmond’s 2013 birthday jumper. I had to modify the pattern a bit as I didn’t have quite enough yarn – the result is a less slouchy hat. It was an enjoyable lacey pattern to knit.

Pull Zephyr
I completed this silk top before the re-convening of the AIKC in 2014, and with the help of Eleanor, I sewed up the neckline. It still felt too big. I gave the top to my friend Ali.

Askel Hat
This is the 2014 knit for Hollis. The pattern is a free download from Ravelry, by Signe S Simonsen. I knitted with Jo Sharp DK (same batch as the ones I used to knit my JS twisted ribbed vest) and used waste yarn for strips.

Dropped Stitch Cowl
This is another use-up-yarn project. This is knitted with Quince and Co Puffin yarn I had left over from my Agnes sweater. The pattern is by Abi Connors – a free download from Ravelry. I made this as a gift for my friend, Michele.

Loose Textured Sweater
Something for me: Jo Sharp’s Loose Textured Sweater inspired by seeing Margaret’s. I modified the pattern so that I can knit it all-in-one top down with the sleeves knitted from held switches. I used the specified Alpaca Kid Lustre yarn (I had bought a long time ago to knit the JS cowl sweater but never did) and used waste yarns from other projects for the textured patterns.

Redmond's birthday jumper 2014
This is Redmond’s 2014 birthday jumper which was finished before his birthday in June (which regrettably will not happen this year as I have not yet purchased the yarn or pattern and it’s already May). It’s a Jo Sharp pattern from Knit 1 and knitted with Sublime extra fine merino wool DK.


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