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Cotton Neat Vest
We were away in HK and Tokyo from December 2014 to mid-March 2015. I took some projects with me but it’s shocking to think I did not knit the whole time I was away except on the plane there and  back. So the first order of business when I returned was to finish off some projects. Read More


Here are a couple more knits I made in 2014 which I forgot I finished (how could I? I wore them constantly for months while I was away).


This cardigan is designed by Gudrun Johnston for Quince and Co using Chickadee with a 24s by 36r gauge. I used Louisa Harding Ianthe. It’s knitted bottom up to the arm openings, then front and back are knitted separately. The sleeves are knitted from picked up stitches. I really enjoyed knitting the lace pattern on the front. But I think it was the wrong yarn to use. I obtained the correct gauge but the fabric is too dense (the drape is not right). I have some Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre left over which I might use to knit another one probably with shorter sleeves (because I fall short just a little on the yardage specified).

Drops 128-34 Bolero
This DROPS’ 128-34 Bolero is knitted with Zealana Rimu (possum and merino), my friend, Su, bought me as a present. It’s a bottom-up all-in-one knitted on very long circular needles. Something went wrong with the increase and I ended up with a neckline that is too long, but I don’t mind (or just too lazy to rip it out and start over).

Here are some 2014 projects. As I am a bit lazy with posting, I will group them all together here in this entry. These are some smaller projects that used up the surplus yarn. (I noticed there was no post in 2014.)

This is a Jo Sharp’s Ribbed Shrug and I used the specified mohair yarn previously bought to knit some socks with. I gave this to my friend Louise as a gift.
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Here’s the long over-due documentation of some hand-dying over Easter 2014:

The spools of wool and silk Eleanor bought were first unwound and wound into skeins. These skeins were then soaked and put into the hot dye. We also tried a bit of ‘tie-dyeing’ and uneven dyeing.

I was inspired to learn to crochet when I came across the amazing and intricate works of the Japanese artist, Jung Jung. I simply cannot fathom how one can crochet DMC#60 embroidery thread with a 0.6mm crochet hook. So I started with a 3mm hook and some sport-weight cotton. I played with the patterns in Knot’s Itoami Plants. The book presents 12 basic patterns and the designs are permutations and variations of these basic shapes.

Broach for Linda
This is a two basic discs joined up and sewn onto the a broach. It was a gift for my friend’s, Eva, mother Linda.

A necklace for Hollis’s friend, Josie.

Another necklace for Josie with hedgehog buttons made out of mother of pearl for her to sew on herself.

Two broaches, an experiment using 4.0mm hook and DK yarn, gifts for my friend, Ali.