Agnes Sweater
I completed the Agnes sweater designed by Melissa La Barre for Quince & co. just at the end of winter here. I wore it almost the whole time on our recent trip to Canberra and was kept quite warm with a 260 Icebreak underlayer (but needed a scarf). I used the specified yarn, Puffin, a single-ply chunky yarn from Quince & co. I have been squeezing in as many wearing opportunities as early Spring offers. As a consequence, it has pilled quite a bit.

The whole sweater is knitted in the round from top to bottom. The raglan sleeve openings are put onto stitch-holders and then knitted in the round in turns. It’s almost the antithesis of Jo Sharp’s patterns (which I have gotten quite used to), so it took me a while to understand the pattern and I did have to start again once.

Once I finished the body, I was worried about the sizing as the underarm area seemed a bit pitchy. I emailed Quince & co. and they were very helpful in answering my questions. Basically, the collar of the sweater should be worn on the collarbone (not around the neck) and this gives a deeper yoke (and more room for the arms). They also gave me some tips of how to add a couple of rows to make it even roomier if I wanted (but I didn’t because it would mean I would have to start over—perhaps next time).

Agnes Sweater
It was relative quick project to do because it was knitted on large needles (9.0mm and in the round). I did end up adding some length to the body of the sweater, finished the sleeves as per pattern. Strangely, I had a whole skein left over. I blocked it which made it much neater and nicer to wear. The pockets (with a different yarn and colour) are really handy!

Agnes Sweater

The weather is getting warmer here so winter knitting is almost over. I did, however, get to wear this nice thick jumper on a very very windy day in Wollongong.

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