Symfonie Circulars


After buying some Symfonie needles at BlackSheep and finding them lovely to knit with I thought I would give their circulars a try. I picked up a cheap pair of 3.25 tips at Blacksheep and MQ bought me a 80cm purple cable, but I have now ordered 3.75 and 4mm pairs and some more cable lengths, including a few 40cm ones to use as stitch holders or to convert the tips to straight not circular needles. I now need to make myself a little pouch for the tips, cables and caps.

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  1. novice_knitter said:

    Yes, they are good. I have amassed quite a collection of sizes myself. When I first got them I bought the 40cm, 60cm, and 80cm. It’s been very useful to have the different lengths cables and not having to worry about whether the stitches will fit for knitting in the round. I am wearing a jumper at the moment (designed by Melissa LaBarre for Quince & Co) which was knitted in the round from top to bottom with no sewing-in/ seams. The arms were too narrow small to knit with circulars and needed double-pointed needles. The yarn shop in Thirroul stock them (and prices are comparable to getting them online) so that’s quite handy.

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