Monthly Archives: August 2013

Agnes Sweater
I completed the Agnes sweater designed by Melissa La Barre for Quince & co. just at the end of winter here. I wore it almost the whole time on our recent trip to Canberra and was kept quite warm with a 260 Icebreak underlayer (but needed a scarf). I used the specified yarn, Puffin, a single-ply chunky yarn from Quince & co. I have been squeezing in as many wearing opportunities as early Spring offers. As a consequence, it has pilled quite a bit. Read More


'Cozy' beanie

I knitted this beanie from a free pattern on Raverly using the leftover yarn from Redmond’s ‘Ultra Vest’. The pattern has a really nice stretchy rib but the length is super-short. Following the toddler’s size pattern, the completed beanie is like a kippah. I had to start again, following the row counts from the adult pattern and the stiches from the toddler one. I knitted it for our Canberra trip but ended forgetting it anyway!


After buying some Symfonie needles at BlackSheep and finding them lovely to knit with I thought I would give their circulars a try. I picked up a cheap pair of 3.25 tips at Blacksheep and MQ bought me a 80cm purple cable, but I have now ordered 3.75 and 4mm pairs and some more cable lengths, including a few 40cm ones to use as stitch holders or to convert the tips to straight not circular needles. I now need to make myself a little pouch for the tips, cables and caps.