Zig Zag Ribbed Vest

Zig Zag Ribbed Vest

A few years ago, Jo Sharp had some of her DK wool on sale in packs of ten. I bought one pack with the idea of knitting a vest and some socks. I was eyeing her Scoop Neck Vest pattern but it’s not available as a single pattern. I then noticed that the vest is virtually the same as Zig Zag Ribbed Vest (version 2) in Knit Issue no. 3, which I have.

What distinguishes the two patterns is the rib pattern with the Zig Zag featuring a single cable knit. It was quite fun to knit once you figured out how it works. I knitted the garment on a pair of 3.75mm Tulip bamboo straight needles (0.25mm down from Jo Sharp’s 4.00mm to get the right gauge). The short vest was quick to knit and enjoyable to wear. I blocked it before wearing, which made it much neater.

Zig Zag Ribbed Vest

It used just a little over seven balls. I plan to use the remaining yarn to knit up the ‘Cocoon Vest’ of Pierott Yarn’s design for Hollis next year.


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