Ultra Vest (2) and Cozy beanie

Ultra Vest

I took advantage of the Morris & Sons’ winter sales and bought enough Grignasco Iceland to knit Redmond an Ultra Vest. The success of the Alpaca Sweater led to some worry about premature wearing out. My ultra vest is so good (I wear it all the time) that I thought it would be a good addition to Redmond’s hand knit wardrobe.

This ultra vest is so simple and fast to knit (it’s finished before you know it) and it’s even easier the second time around. I use the Grignasco Iceland yarn I got for my birthday last year (which has perhaps been discontinued—I notice it’s no longer on their website). The balls are 100g/ 125 metres which meant not too many tails to sew in, but the meterage requirement of the largest pattern was just over four balls. I had almost a whole ball left over so I knitted Hollis another beanie.
'Cozy' beanie
It’s free pattern from Ravelry that has an interesting ribbed pattern. There are two sizes: one for an adult and one for a toddler. I knitted the hat three times to get the right length. The circumference of the toddler’s size is okay for Hollis’s head (it’s very stretchy), but it was way too short. I added about 9 rows to the pattern. The beanie just sits over his ears (keeping them warm). I probably could have made it longer still but I really didn’t want to knit it a fourth time!


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