DPNs and Point protectors

Clover point protecter

When I started knitting, I liked using  metal straight needles because they are inexpensive and somehow seem traditional. But I have since converted to Japanese bamboo needles. Knitting with circulars also changed my preference to knitting with shorter needles (less elbow room needed). Hollis’s cable vest needed 4.0mm to achieve the correct gauge and it seemed a waste to buy yet another set of needles. So I converted my double-pointed bamboo needles into straights using point protectors.

My 4.0mm DPNs are 25cm long and as I was knitting a small vest, it wasn’t difficult to fit all the stitches on (and I don’t mind squeezing them on). At first I used rubber bands at one tip to stop the stitches from falling off, then I discovered point protectors.

Clover point protecter

I think they are designed to stop the stitches from sliding off in between knitting. They work just as well as a temporary end to straight needles. Point protectors come in different sizes (S, M, L) to fit a range of needles sizes. There are also double point protectors for circular needles. Clever Clover.


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