Cable Vest with Hood

Hooded Cable Vest

Another product of discounted wool—this from the Fairy Meadow’s yarn shop. I bought the last balls of Heirloom Colour Works (100% Australina Merino) in a discontinued colour in their last year’s sales. I was one ball short of the cardigan I wanted to knit for Hollis, but found the hooded cable vest in the same pattern book instead. The six balls of yarn I bought were from two dye lots, I used four for the vest and two for the hood.

The cable pattern starts straight-away on the first row and it took me a few goes to get it right. The written pattern looks very complicated but is pretty straight-forward once you understand how the cable pattern works. I made couple of irretrievable mistakes but they are thankfully unnoticeable. I misread the length of the vest (from a larger size) so the completed garment is 3cm longer than specified, which is actually good because it means it will last longer, but I nearly ran out of yarn. I was surprised how much yarn was need for the hood!

Cable vest with hood

As the whole garment was ribbed, I had to block the pieces before sewing up. This made the finished piece very neat, although I think the hood could be re-blocked to stretch it out a little more.


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