Monthly Archives: July 2013

Three mitts for Canberra

We plan to go to the snow in a couple of weeks and I thought Hollis needs some mittens! We bought some ice-breaker mitts for him a couple of years ago and they are still too big. Now I can knit, I can knit some that fit his little hands! Read More



I have been thinking about blocking quite a lot, wondering what it’s all about. I dry-block (warm iron on a damp towel over) knitted pieces to reduce the curl on the edges before sewing up, but until recently I have not noticed any difference. With the Zig Zag ribbed vest, I used a warmer iron on a damper cloth over the pieces and it seemed to have neatened out the stitches somewhat. With Hollis’s cable vest, I had to wet-block to stretch out the ribs. Read More

Clover point protecter

When I started knitting, I liked using  metal straight needles because they are inexpensive and somehow seem traditional. But I have since converted to Japanese bamboo needles. Knitting with circulars also changed my preference to knitting with shorter needles (less elbow room needed). Hollis’s cable vest needed 4.0mm to achieve the correct gauge and it seemed a waste to buy yet another set of needles. So I converted my double-pointed bamboo needles into straights using point protectors. Read More

Hooded Cable Vest

Another product of discounted wool—this from the Fairy Meadow’s yarn shop. I bought the last balls of Heirloom Colour Works (100% Australina Merino) in a discontinued colour in their last year’s sales. I was one ball short of the cardigan I wanted to knit for Hollis, but found the hooded cable vest in the same pattern book instead. The six balls of yarn I bought were from two dye lots, I used four for the vest and two for the hood. Read More