Quince & Co Yarn: Splash out

Quince & Co yarn

Encouraged by news of the imminent fall of the Australian dollar (to below parity with the US dollar), I made a splash and bought some yarn from Quince & Co which I had been eying for a while. The package arrived!

My ‘crafty mother’ friend Ali alerted me to the American yarn entity Quince & Co, who I previously came across when looking at Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s blog. The different types of yarn are beautifully presented both in the online catalogue and in the physical packaging. An interesting feature is their engagement with different designers who create patterns using their yarn.

Quince & Co Yarn

I bought three patterns off the site and am really keen to start once I finish the current three vests (one for each of the family) I am knitting. After knitting so many Jo Sharp’s designs, I now will have to get familiar with an entirely different way of knitting (in circular) and a very different style of pattern writing!

Quince & Co Yarn

Having passed the shortest day of the year already, I better hurry to make the yarn into warm cozy knits before winter’s out. Luckily, I have a couple of summer projects with silk and linen to look forward to!

Quince & Co Yarn


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