Local Knitting Store

Exciting news for the Austinmer International Knitting Circle: a knitting and wool shop opens in Thirroul!

Knitting for the Soul just opened in the Thirroul village on Lawrence Hargrave Drive next to Ekho (our favourite gift shop)! Hollis and I checked it out yesterday. It sells more luxury-type yarn including Jo Sharp, Louise Harding and Debbie Bliss (not a discounted yarn barn, I’m afraid). It has a selection of patterns and books. They are also selling Symphonie/ Knit Pro and KA needles (unfortunately not any of my favourite Japanese bamboo makes). The lady who runs the shop (I think her name is Terri) is thinking of having some Thursday night knit-ins.

Added to this is the fabric shop, Wattlebird Fabric, on Moore Street in Austinmer, that opened in March. Austinmer/ Thirroul is on its way to be the boutique craft captial of the Illawarra (I hope they stay open).

  1. Anh said:

    Just moved to Thirroul & walked past this place the other night – was so excited. Incidentally, does the austinmer international knitting circle meet for s’n’b or some such similar? 🙂

    • novice_knitter said:

      Hello Anh, Nice to meet you. Austinmer International Knitting Circle is more of an online ethereal entity so no physical knit-in unfortunately. But I chatted with Terri, the owner of Knitting for the Soul (the Thirroul knitting store), and she said she is keen to organise a Thursday knit-in. So it would be great if you go and speak with her—local shops like this need our support.

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