Ribbed Cardigan

I finished this Jo Sharp Ribbed Cardigan (from knit issue 8) this afternoon in our Skype meeting of the Austinmer International Knitting Circle.

It is knitted from the Louisa Harding Ianthe (50% extra fine merino, 50% cotton) and the Rowan purelife 100% organic cotton. The pattern calls for one yarn to be Jo Sharp’s silkroad DK tweed which is mostly wool and her DK cotton. This means that my version has a lot more cotton than the original, so I think it might hang a bit longer as a result. The pattern also uses two very similar colours but I have used more contrasting ones so there is more of a chain mail effect.

I am modelling it in the last rays of sunshine in our back garden, having just returned home from the frozen north. I am enjoying a welcome home glass of prosecco. Buffy is prowling in the background.

  1. novice_knitter said:

    And how exciting it was too to have our inaugural Skype meeting of the AKIC! I am pleased to have been electronically present at the finishing of your great cardigan. I like how the pattern deviates a bit from her usual design. Does the yarn combination give you a 3-season cardigan?

  2. eleanor11 said:

    I think it is definitely a good cardigan for the British summer. It is also quite warm when not in a breeze, but if there is any wind it does come through the large weave. Probably with an icebreaker underneath and a coat over it would be OK for winter as well.

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