Little black cardi


This garment has been a long time in the making and was only finished finally in Plo’s garden in early May. The Eco Grey alpaca yarn from Drops is warm and light. It feels like a little animal. The buttons are from the Hobby store in Purley. The beautiful pleated scarf in the incredible match -anything green was a present from Jo. Thank you Jo.


Here I am in the corner of mum’s garden with the potted summer colour. Pelargonium, bright pink; verbena, cream and pink; lobelia, pale blue; petunia, black with lime stripe and dark purple; verbena, hot pink. Not much colour yet, but then, summer hasn’t arrived.

1 comment
  1. novice_knitter said:

    It’s great to finally see your projects, Margaret! I can see how the cardi can feel like a warm snuggly animal and cardigans can be such great friends. It looks very neat. Was it knitted on small needles?

    Yes, everything seems to be green or green-ish. I just looked through the last few posts and there is indeed a lot of green.

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