Gooseberry Alpaca Vest


Adapted cowl neck vest in gooseberry alpaca.

This yarn was bought at last year’s Black Sheep Wools extravaganza visit. The pattern is an adaptation of Jo Sharp’s Cowl Sweater from Knit issue 1. I have adapted it by:
Making it a vest, so did a detail of two reversed stitches near the armhole to stop it curling (I used the technique from my cleckheaton blue cotton vest)
Doing normal not reversed stocking stitch for the cowl
Adding the vertical stripes which were just reversed stitches
Moving the waist darts to near the sides, rather than a third of the way in (they would have disrupted the vertical stripes otherwise)

I am rather pleased with the result and it has encouraged me to adapt/invent more patterns.




  1. novice_knitter said:

    Nice work! Did you draw and plan out your idea first? Or did you make it up a bit as you went along?

    I hardly do any alterations with the patterns I knit. Although one of the very first garment I knitted (the ‘Cotton Neat’ Vest with Sublime cashmere merino), I altered the man’s pattern for my size and changed the finish at the top, which was more out of not knowing what I was getting into than conscious pre-planning!

  2. eleanor11 said:

    I made it up as I went – it meant that sometimes I realised I should have started a new vertical line a few rows earlier so had to drop stitches and remake them reversed. I think I would draw it out if I were to do it again.

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