Fitted Cardingan in Avril Wool

Fitted cardigan (version 3)

Yes, another Jo Sharp’s fitted cardigan pattern, this one from Knit issue no. 3. I started it around the same time as the cotton Fitted Cardigan, using the Avril wool I bought from Tokyo. This is version 3 with a cropped length and short sleeves, it works more like a top. The Avril wool is lovely, silkly and soft, with a fingering weight. So the completed garment is much lighter than would be otherwise with the specified Alpaca Kid Luster, which would give it a thicker and stiffer drape. I think the cardigan would work as a spring and autumn top (may be even on cooler summer days). In winter, it needs to be worn with an ice-breaker and a coat.


Using 4.5mm needles to achieve the correct tension, the overall pattern is quite straight-forward to knit. There is no darts and the left and right fronts have straight edges that meet in the middle so there is no simultaneous decreasing of stitches. The knit1-purl1 bottom parts takes a little while but knitting on bamboo makes it almost a pleasure. The Avril wool came on one cone (rather than separate balls) so no breakage in the yarn means minimal sewing-in. The buttons I bought are a little bit too small for the buttonholes, I will need to look out for some more suitable ones.

The cold weather has given me tremendous impetus to work faster. I am on the second sleeve of Redmond’s long-awaited jumper (started last year), hoping to finish it for his birthday in June. I just started another Jo Sharp’s vest and doing the tension for another of her cardigans. Then I think I am ready move on to other designers – I would like to try some patterns here: I already have some summer projects with silk and linen in mind.

Hey, is anyone else knitting out there? Or am I the only crazy person going around with bags of yarn and needles. Let’s see some yarn and projects!

  1. eleanor11 said:

    Very nice! I am now getting used to ribbing – I no longer mind it so much if it is a symmetrical rib, ie k1p1 but not k3p1 as the rhythm changes between the RS and the WS. I am up with MQ – yesterday there were three generations knitting in the same living room. We are ging to black sheep wools this morning. I will make sure we post our projects!!!

    • novice_knitter said:

      I saw Black Sheep Wool’s 50% off everything sale a few weeks ago and wondered whether you guys made it up there.

      I am knitting JS’s zig-zag ribbed vest at the moment. The zig-zag is single cable moving across three stitches over 8 rows. It is also twisted from knitting and purling through the back of the loop. I made a mistake in the first go – when one of the twists moved along one stitch. I had to start again because it was very hard to fix. I caught a mistake in the second go and was able to fix it now I learnt how the pattern works.

      I am going to teach my students knitting next semester as a prelude into learning computer programming/ coding. I am going to teach just ‘e’ cast-on, knit, and purl. They will have to write a pattern for a single word in Morse code – and hopefully knit it. Any thoughts?

      Look forward to seeing your catch at the yarn barn!

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