Fitted Cardigan with Sublime Cotton

Fitted cardigan
I started knitting this Jo Sharp’s cotton fitted cardigan (version 3) over summer with the intention of wearing it as an Autumn garment. I substituted Soho Summer with Sublime Egyptian cotton (bought from Black Sheep Wools during their xmas free worldwide shipping sales).

It’s a relatively simple pattern with darts and simultaneous decreasing on both the collar and armhole edges on the left and right fronts (which was the first time for me and needed some diagram-ing). Being a thinner yarn, surprisingly I needed smaller size needles (0.25mm less) for the Sublime cotton than Soho to achieve the correct gauge. I did worry at one point that the finished garment would be too small but it turned out just right. (I knitted size B and the completed measure is a tad smaller than specified).

My only difficulties were picking up the stitches for the bands (as usual I find it very hard to find the correct loop – any advice here would be appreciated) and neatness of the overall stitches. Someone pointed out to me that hand-knitting is like hand-writing, everyone has their own quirks. Now I can’t help but see these quirks in my own knitting and get mildly irritated by them. Towards the end, I switched to a left-hand yard knitting method in the hope to get a less textured knit. Although this did make it a bit neater, it changed the overall tension of the fabric – making it tighter, so I switched back (probably not a good idea to change knitting styles half way through). The mesmerized cotton also accentuates the uneven knitting.

But overall, I am quite happy with the finished result. I like the cardigan’s short bodice and longer sleeves. I look forward to getting a bit of wear out of it.

Fitted cardigan


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