A Vest for Albie May

A Vest for Albie May

Feeling rather satisfied with myself having used up the remaining Grignasco birthday yarn by knitting up a ‘Mr Cowl’ for Redmond, I embarked on another project to turn the yarn left over from Hollis’s jumper (bought from the great Spotlight purchase of xmas 2011) into a vest for Albie May. I found the ‘Colin Vest’ on Ravelry.

The thing I really like about finding a pattern on Ravelry is the accompanying completed projects of the patterns other people post up. The ‘Colin Vest’ is very popular and has 89 such projects. From their notes, I realised I could use circulars for most of the vest and thereby making it easier to use up the multiple colours for bandings.

A Vest for Albie May

So I started the bottom garter stitch edges for both front and back on straight needles, then joined them up onto the circulars for the body, then split again at the armhole for the decrease, the neck opening, and shoulder straps. Because I knitted the garter stitches on straights and stockinette on circulars, the whole garment was knitted with no purls and no seams.

A Vest for Albie May
I used up all the green wool on the front neck opening so I had to use the slightly different gauged Jo Sharp’s DK to finish the vest off. If I thought more about it, I would have used the orange for the whole garter stitch section on the front neck opening. But the wearer and her parents are happy with the gift.

  1. eleanor11 said:

    Very nice! And where are the pics of the Mr Cowl?

    • joandred@tpg.com.au said:

      Will post up soon – needs the model to be available to pose.

      On Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013 at 3:32 AM, Austinmer International Knitting Circ

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