Ultra Vest with Grignasco Iceland

Ultra Vest with Grignasco Iceland

When I finished this vest a couple of weeks ago,  the weather was still a bit steamy. So it just hung in the bedroom until the autumn rain brought cooler weather yesterday with temperatures low enough for me to wear it to work.

The pattern is Jo Sharp’s and I used the Grignasco Iceland yarn I got for my birthday. The bulky weight and the larger needle sizes (6.5 and 7.0mm) meant the main body was very fast to knit. I had to wait a couple of weeks until I was up in Sydney to get the needed circular needles from the yarn shop to finish the neckband and armhole bands. (I bought some detachable circular needs which I will talk about in another post).

It was the first time I knitted a neckband and picking up stitches was never my favourite activity. At first, It was awkward and difficult and I was unhappy with the neckband. After having done the first armhole band, I found some tips and tricks that make the process easier. Asides from using markers to ensure the stitches are evenly picked up, and finding the right part of the stitch to pick up, I find it’s better to use a smaller size circular needle to pick up the stitches so that the yarn does not stretch too much. Once I picked up the stitches using the smaller size needle (a 4.0mm in this case), I knitted (and purled) the stitches on the right size needle (6.5mm). It worked quite well and after finishing the second armband, I took the neckband out and re-did it.

The finished vest works well over a long-sleeve ice-breaker or a long-sleeve shirt. A good ensemble for an autumn day.

Ultra Vest with Grignasco Iceland

  1. eleanor11 said:

    That’s a very neat neckband! I also hate picking up neckbands. The smaller needles seems like a good tip. Please post your info about the circular detachable needles!

  2. novice_knitter said:

    The larger needles have the advantage of a faster knit, but I also find any inconsistency in the knitting shows up more too. Picking up stitches is especially difficult with larger needles, I think. They really stretch the stitches out which makes mistakes a bit irretrievable as it’s difficult to make the stretched stitches go back to their original positions.

    Will post something the detachable circular soon – quickly though, I think they are quite good.

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