Sideway Ribbed Top

This is version 4 of Jo Sharp’s Sideways Ribbed Top (whose pattern Eleanor kindly shared with me). It was knitted using Jo Sharp’s Summer Soho cotton, Freesia (selected from a limited range of colour during a sale). I started the project just before we went away in December and it was surprisingly fast to knit. But as usual, it was not without drama.

It took a little while to get used to knitting in cotton but the yarn is light and pliable. The whole top was knitted using circular needles making it very portable; and the pattern was simple making an ideal project for travel.

I was on the last ball on the way home and the familiar doubt started arising: there isn’t going to be enough yarn! And sure enough, I ran out 6 or so rows (of 80 plus stitches each) from cast off.

I emailed Knit again but rather than wait for them to find out whether there is anything wrong, I just bought another ball. Luckily, there was 1 left and, what do you know, it’s from the same dye lot.

I don’t know whether it was my mistake (knitted too many rows? although I did use a row counter) or whether it was the pattern. Still it seems to me that the yardage measurement might be a bit tight and doesn’t allow for much redundancy. I will be interested to hear others’ experience with this pattern.

So here it is finished. It’s a nice top to wear on a cool summer’s day.

  1. eleanor11 said:

    You’ve finished it! I started mine at the start of last (Northern) summer and then stopped for other projects as I didn’t really like knitting rib – all of that moving the yarn back and forth was annoying. Since then I think I’ve got more comfortable with rib, and thought I’d try to get it finished for the next summer. It’s now my main project (trying to fous on just one at a time!) and I’m now about two thirds through the second front/back. I’m doing a slightly modified version of the pattern, and making the length something between the mid and long length, but with the short sleeves. I’m making it out of pale green Sublime cotton, that I knitted the pale blue vest from last year. I’d better check that I have enough yarn!!!

    How does it wear?

    • novice_knitter said:

      It wears very well. I like it a lot. I wore it yesterday over a long sleeves ice-breaker base layer (believe it or not, it was cold here yesterday) and my ice-breaker skirt. I think it will go well over dresses too. With the length, it needs to be worn over layers (as suggested in the pattern brochure).

      I am knitting another cardigan using the Sublime cotton (bought when Black Sheep Wool had free shipping over Christmas, it might even be the same colour as yours?!). The yarn is thinner than Summer Soho. For me, the tension is exact (22s x 28r on 4.00mm) so I have to use 3.75mm to get 22.5s.

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