Indulgence (or troublesome) mohair socks

This pair of Jo Sharp’s Indulgence mohair socks was started at the end of last (Southern) winter after the success of the plain Wool Ribbed socks. Unlike their predecessor, the making of these socks was far from smooth-knitting.

For a start, I find mohair difficult to knit. It mats together, it’s difficult to undo, and stitches are sometimes hard to see (so it’s easy to drop stitches). But I persevered. The pattern called for 3 balls of mohair for 1 pair of socks, but it became quite clear to me at the end of the first sock that there just wouldn’t be enough yarn. Still, I persevered. Then I ran out of yarn just after I got to the heel of the second sock. I had some mohair in a different colour left from the Yoke Cardigan, so I used that. But it still wasn’t enough. So I emailed Knit.

They took a while to get back to me. After knitting up a pair, they confirmed that the pattern was wrong: the specified length of the socks was too long. They put in a correction and I asked them to send me an extra ball. It took them a while to put it in the post, and it was in another colour (either I asked for the wrong one or they just sent the wrong one). By this time, I really didn’t care anymore.

So that’s the final result: odd socks which probably look more interesting. I now have to wait till winter for some indulgence experience.


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