Jo Sharp Shawl Collar Cardigan


After the success of the Drops black cardigan I embarked on this Jo Sharp on using the Jo Sharp Kid Lustre yarn MQ got me for my birthday. I borrowed MQs lovely Japanese Clover 3.75mm bamboo needles as my tension is slightly loose so the 4mm needles specified in the pattern were too large. My tension still came out slightly large with about 21.5 stitches rather than 22.5, however the finished garment seems smaller than it does on the modelled photos on the pattern. In particular it is a lot shorter than the photo shows, which is odd as the body length to the armholes is knitted to a set length – bizarrely the underarm to hem measurement on the finished garment is about 4cm shorter than the pattern set (and which I would have knitted to). In the end this is fine as it makes it quite fitted.

The yarn is lovely to knit, especially on those needles. The only issue is that the yarn had a lot of knots in it, probably nearly every ball. Whenever I came across one of those I undid the knot and made a join at the end of the row as I didn’t want the knot appearing in the middle of a row – this sometimes meant unpicking most of a row when a knot just happend to appear near the end of a row. The sewing up was finished on Christmas eve, with the sewing in of ends done on Christmas day. There were a lot of ends to sew in as it uses quite a few balls of wool. I sewed it up with mattress stitch, not the specified backstitch.





  1. scandalousartefacts said:

    Hmmm, the grass looks very English but the bushes from a bit further south I’d say – where in the world are you??

  2. I think the shorter length and tighter fit look better than the pattern’s photo. I think cardigans and vests are useful for the wardrobe. I often think: I wish I have a cardigan with me.

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