Drops Kid Silk jumper (adapted)


This was adapted from the following drops pattern:


The adaptation involved:

  • no lacework at waist in other yarn (replaced with garter stitch)
  • no double cuffs and a narrower cuff (56 stitches, not 80)
  • cowl neck (knitted approx. 12cm, not 7 rows)

The omission of the lacework and the waist tie meant that it was looser at the waist. Also, I knitted it on the specified size needles so I think with my loose tension it is larger than it should be (I knitted the smallest version). However, even with it less fitted it is still nice, and very warm, despite being almost not there! I think I only used just over three 25g balls. It is slightly hard to knit as it is like knitting with cobweb – the yarn is so fine that I needed to adjust the way I ran it through my hand as there was too much drag in the way I normally hold the yarn. This may have added to the looseness of the knitting.

The casting on and off is even tighter than normal, perhaps because it is very fine year with fat needles (6mm). The first time I cast off it was too tight even though I have used larger (8mm) needles. When I did it again I used this technique which was just about loose enough:


  1. What sort of yarn is it? I find mohair very difficult to knit – hard to count the stitches and almost impossible to unpick.

  2. eleanor11 said:

    It’s Drops kid silk – 75% mohair, 25% silk. http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/yarn.php?id=86 As I was knitting on 6mm needles it was easy to count stitches, but the couple of times I needed to unpick a row it was very slow, but again, probably easier because of the big stitches.

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