Drops Cardigan


This was finished in the summer, but hasn’t been photographed until now (it’s pilling slightly already, but I do wear it a lot). It was without buttons for a while but I eventually got around to sewing on the mother of pearl ones and in the cold weather I find it good to be able to button it up. It has one more button and button hole that the pattern called for.

It is knitted with the drops alpaca yarn that the pattern calls for, and I think on the correct size (3.5mm) needles, and the sizing is correct. It is beautiful and soft, and warm when worn. The only problem it that it is slippery on the needles and will slip off if you’re not careful. It is also very hard to pick up stitches if you rip them out as it really wants to drop stitches.




  1. Very productive!!! And good to see all these completed knits!!! And all very nice too!!

    I like bright green backdrop and the cat accessory in your shoot!

    • eleanor11 said:

      The cat managed to get herself into nearly every shot! But then she was a bit unsure about her close up. Her fur manages to get knitted into every garment!

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