Wool Ribbed Socks

Small knitting projects are a great way to generate a maximum sense of achievement with a minimum commitment of time. One such small project completed recently (over 2 weekends, inclusive of 2 x 1hr plus train trips) is Jo Sharp’s Wool Ribbed Socks (in Knit issue no. 1) using 3 balls of her Classic DK Wool (the same wool I used for Hollis’ Wool Vest).

The project uses 3 double-pointed needles. The pattern recommends 4.5mm for the ribbing and 4.0mm for the main body, but my tension is looser so I used 0.5mm size smaller for each component. Three-needle knitting felt awkward (and a bit confusing) at first but, like most hands-on experiences, I soon got used to it. When using nice needles (like the Japanese Tulip bamboo needles), the knitting becomes very pleasurable. The trickiest part is joining the heel flap, but ‘knitting in 3-dimension object’ is very satisfying. (The pattern says it is a beginner’s project but I would add that the beginner would need substantial knowledge in pattern reading, have an idea of how different stitches work together and know the best practice in decreasing (left or right inclined) and pick up stitches etc.)

The recipient of the socks is very happy with the completed work. He said wearing them feels like his feet are being hugged.


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