Knit Knit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting’s New Wave

Another friend, Louise, indulged my hobby on the occasion of my birthday by giving me: Knit Knit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting’s New Wave. The author, Sabrina Gschwandtner was commissioned this project after her zine of the same name achieved much popularity and success. The book consists of interviews with knitters, featuring their cutting-edge, or somehow, unusual practices. The practices featured are eye-opening. Knitting, itself, is imbued with such innovation that one cannot help but feel inspired. The knitters were asked by Gschwandtner to contribute KIY projects which the reader may take up. These range from the very fashionable, to the slightly impractical, to the completely ‘off-the-planet’ – but such is the spirit of New Wave.

Two of my favourite featured projects (not the KIY projects) in the book are:

Dave Cole’s Knitting Machines, 2005

Debbie New’s Knitted Cups and Saucers

There are a couple of tempting KIY projects (‘Mmm, I can wear that’ garments), a few interesting designers who are worth checking out, and lots of recommendations on yarn to try out.

  1. eleanor11 said:

    I think I found that book at the library at uni – I have just located my photocopies from it – I am doing a tension square for the Bimbiloski Pais Jacket (but in that green mohair I got in spotlight several years ago!).

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