On-the-go projects

Since I took up knitting, never has waiting been so pleasurable. The famously slow train service from the Illawarra to Sydney (a mere 60km takes 1 hour and 20 minutes +) is now an enjoyable experience  and an opportunity to knit! Pictured above is the front of Redmond’s ‘Men’s Alpaca Sweater’ on 3.75mm x 40cm circular needles sitting against the book, ‘Science of the Oven’ by Hervé This, and an iShuffle loaded with selected podcasts.

I am a convert to putting knitting projects on circular needles whenever possible as this make the project very portable. On this trip, I also brought along a new project, the ‘Ribbed wool sock’, knitting in the round using 3 double-pointed needles (be wary of small children who rush about!).

Sometimes I add a book (that opens flat) to the assemble, sometimes I listen to podcasts, or sometimes I just look at the passing views. Add a thermos and a snack – very civilised!


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