Monthly Archives: August 2012

The knitting of this Jo Sharp’s Yoke Cardigan was inspired by, first, the need for a cardigan and secondly, a heavily discounted online sales of her Classic DK wool and Rare Comfort Kid Mohair. The colour combination is perhaps not ideal (as colours were slightly limited due to the sales) but overall satisfactory. Using 9.0mm, the garment is relatively quick to knit. The pattern is very simple and cunning. The wool combination makes the cardigan very warm and together with the loose knit design, the garment is very light to carry.¬† A highly recommended project. Read More


Small knitting projects are a great way to generate a maximum sense of achievement with a minimum commitment of time. One such small project completed recently (over 2 weekends, inclusive of 2 x 1hr plus train trips) is Jo Sharp’s Wool Ribbed Socks (in Knit issue no. 1) using 3 balls of her Classic DK Wool (the same wool I used for Hollis’ Wool Vest). Read More

Another friend, Louise, indulged my hobby on the occasion of my birthday by giving me: Knit Knit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting’s New Wave. The author, Sabrina Gschwandtner was commissioned this project after her zine of the same name achieved much popularity and success. The book consists of interviews with knitters, featuring their cutting-edge, or somehow, unusual practices. Read More

Impressed by my persistent obsession with knitting, my friends, Lucas and Lizzie, decided to indulge me on by birthday with four balls of Grignasco new wool yarn. Looking through the patterns I have amassed, the gauge and yarddage would probably allow the knitting of Jo Sharp’s Ultra vest.

Since I took up knitting, never has waiting been so pleasurable. The famously slow train service from the Illawarra to Sydney (a mere 60km takes 1 hour and 20 minutes +) is now an enjoyable experience¬† and an opportunity to knit! Pictured above is the front of Redmond’s ‘Men’s Alpaca Sweater’ on 3.75mm x 40cm circular needles sitting against the book, ‘Science of the Oven’ by Herv√© This, and an iShuffle loaded with selected podcasts. Read More

This ‘Long Ridged Scarf’ is Jo Sharp’s Knit issue no. 1. It uses 4 balls of her Alpaca Kid Lustre (30% Alpaca, 40% Kid Mohair & 30% Merino). Its’ gauge specifies a 4.0mm needles and the garment is 2 metres long, so it took a while to knit. The yarn is fairly light and the pattern is simple. I knitted it on a pair of circular needles, making it a ‘knit-anywhere’ project. Read More