Wool Vest or Huey’s New Jumper

After knitting an adult-size garment, making a child’s vest seems like a breeze. Using Jo Sharp’s Classic DK wool in ‘mandarin’ (having taken advantage of the heavy discounted price), this wool vest (pattern by Pierrott) was very quick from start to finish.

The Japanese pattern assumes a lot of prior knowledge so even with clear diagrams and labels, it still requires a bit of guess work. The finish, for example, specifies crochet edging, but I couldn’t find out what kind of crochet technique it means exactly. So I resolved to use crab stitch, which was used to finish his sideways jumper.

The sideway jumper has not been a great hit (it’s still a bit big) as I realised the size and bulkiness must make it a bit difficult for a little guy to go about his business. A vest is the ticket for the small boys and girls as it keeps them warm without restricting the arms!

Incidentally, Redmond borrowed a library book by Oliver Jeffrey, ‘The Hueys in the New Jumper’. All the Hueys look the same until one of them, Rupert, decides to knit himself a new jumper. The trend catches on. It’s a story about knitting!

Hollis is very amused how his vest looks like the Huey’s new jumper and likes to do impressions of the Hueys as pictured in the book.

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