Zhivago Wrap in Silkroad Aran

At long last, the Paton’s Zhivago Winter Wrap is completed using Jo Sharp’s Silkroad Aran (85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere). After a number of false starts due to misunderstanding the tension, the knitting turned out to be relatively straight-forward. The back is a large piece of fabric that took the longest to knit; the rest was comparatively quick. One major drawback of the pattern is that it lacks useful details. For example, diagrams or drawings of the pieces would have been very helpful as their are rather unconventional (for instance, shoulders, armscyce, are not obvious). Some specific instructions are also unclear. For instance, it says: ‘Sew corset hook and eye on lower front edges’,where to sew the hook and where to sew the eye?

The pattern leaflet entices the knitter by saying: ‘Knit once, wear 12 different ways’, but it has always been doubtful that there are 12 different ways of wearing 1 design. The patterns contain 2 designs (the Jet Wrap and the Zhivago Wrap) and 2 versions of each design (1 short and 1 long). The pictures only show 6 images of each design and version. Even these don’t really show 6 different ways of wearing the garment. Some looks as if it is worn the same way but one shows the front and one shows the back. Some other ways just seem like a mystery – the model probably had a whole team of stylist jigging the garment and she probably didn’t move for a long while.

I have to admit I was initially a little disappointed when I finished the garment – it just seemed so bulky and difficult to manage. But I have worn it for a couple of days out now and am getting the hang of how to best wear it. Pictured above is the most practical way of wearing it.

Pictured above is a way I would like to wear the wrap but it is hard to maintain the shape without some pins and spikes, hooks and eyes.

If anyone is interested to knit this, I would recommend a careful choice of yarn. The wrap is made up of a lot of fabric and the specified yarn (Paton Zhivago) is10-ply. A thick-ish but light-bodied yarn might make for an easier to handle wrap.

  1. Claire Duffy said:

    Thanks for the information. The images on the pattern are difficult to see. Fancy making up a sample garment in black! I’m having second thoughts about making this one up now. It looks quite shapeless and heavy.

  2. novice_knitter said:

    I didn’t use the recommended wool. Paton’s Zhivago is a thick yarn but it’s synthetic (49% tencel, 49% acrylic, 2%viscose) so could possibly make a big difference to the shape and weight. The main reason I found my own completed piece disappointing is that it seems like it is such a long way from the images in the pattern.

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