Jo Sharp’s Alpaca Kid Lustre

I have taken advantage of the 35% off sales on Jo Sharp’s Alpaca Kid Lustre on her website. The yarn is 30% superfine alpaca, 40% kid mohair, and 30% merino and it’s featured in much of the designs in Knit Issue 1.

I also bought a pair of 4.00mm Addi click circular needles (as 2 patterns I am knitting call for circulars). I am trying out the ‘circulars better than straights’ hypothesis on the ‘Long ridged scarf’ using the ‘citronella’. This will be the knitting-on-the-go project for train travel (combined with podcasts listening).

The ‘vintage’ is for the ‘Men’s Alpaca Sweater’ for Redmond (it’s quite a project, I hope I finish it before the winter’s out). It feels like it will make quite a nice and light jumper.

The ‘tuscuny’ (green ones) will be used for the ‘Cowl Sweater’.

Here’s an issue I have with the yarn: I can’t seem to get the specified tension with it (and more generally with Jo Sharp’s yarn). The Alpaca Kid Lustre supposedly knit 22.5 st x 30 rows using 4.00mm needles, but I can only get that gauge using 3.25mm needles. I wouldn’t call my knitting particularly loose so it’s quite mysterious to me. (The Silkroad Aran’s tension is 18 sts x 24 rows on 5.00mm but I get 16 sts  x 23 rows.) I searched the internet and Ravlry forum, it seems some people also experienced the same problem but not everyone using her yarn. Could it be irregularlities of the dye lot?


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