Ribbed beanie 2 (mousse)

I knitted a second ribbed beanie based on Jo Sharp’s pattern using the leftover mousse from the first dismantled ribbed scarf. This time I modified the pattern a little.I knitted the first beanie to specfication (40cm circumference) using the recommended wool (Jo Sharp’s Ultra) and needles (7.0mm). The ribbed design enables the beanie stretches over the head which makes it fit snuggly. However, after repeated wearing it seems to not return to its original circumference: is it the yarn, the pattern, my kniting, or all of the above? Or perhaps it is just the nature of materials. Does anyone have experience with the wear-and-tear aspects of their knitted garment?

So I used 6.0mm needles to knit the same pattern in this second iteration. When the beanie is completed, the ribbing is not obvious (they are close together). The photograph above shows the beanie laying flat after it has been worn with the ribbing slightly stretched. When it is worn, you can see the pattern much more clearly (this feature seems to be emphasised in Jo Sharp’s own photograph for the pattern).

The smaller size fits more snuggly but perhaps sometimes it does ride up. I think the design can probably go up 1 increment of needles to 6.5mm.



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