Tri-colour mousse twisted ribbed scarf

The final success of the ribbed beanie after much perseverance prompted me to re-think the (k1, p3 and p1, k3) ribbed scarf I knitted Redmond earlier. A previous post mentioned how the ribbed scarf was too fat and too short due to lack of a pattern, foresight, and planning. While I was making the beanie I thought that the twisted rib (kbl, p1) would be a nice pattern for the mousse. So I unravelled the existing scarf and re-knitted another one based on a Jo Sharp’s pattern using 7.00mm needles.

I did the 3-colour version although I unintentionally did 4 rows in each colour instead of 3 rows as suggested in the pattern. Apart from the width of the colour bands, the main difference is that an even number of rows would result in the loose ends all being on one side while an odd number of rows would alternative sides (which I guess would create a more balanced design).

The scarf is 1.9 m long so the knitting took a little while. I changed colour every 4 rows so sewing in loose ends was also a bit of a marathon. Apparently, if you are only knitting 2-colour stripes consiting of 2 rows for each colour you can continue knitting without cutting or sewing in (see here) or this video here shows how to change colours without cutting using circular needles. But I couldn’t work out I might sufficiently hide 2 strands of yarn over 4 rows. Does anyone have any ideas?

Another question: does anyone have good tips for sewing in? Sewing in the ends securely into the pattern is not a problem but the very ends sometimes pop out.


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