Patterns to share

I have not been to a yarn barn of late but have nonetheless been struggling to keep the knitting obsession at bay. At the moment, I have 3 small projects on the go (a mobius, a reknit/ scarf, and a vest) although I am finding it tough to hold back the hoarding instinct (checking on eBay, specials, and discounts). I have acquired a few patterns/ pattern books with proejcts waiting in the wing.

One of the books is Debbie Bliss’s Special Family Knits, acquired at the discount book store near Central Station’s Devonshire Road tunnel in Sydney. There are some nice projects like the ‘A-line cardigan’ above and the ‘Moss Stitch Jacket’ below. It doesn’t have a rating system for difficulties, I would say that they are not beginner’s projects. The ‘A-line cardigan’ above is knitted with her cashmerino aran which is blended with microfibre. Has anyone had a feel of her yarn?

A while back, I also acquired the Paton’s Winter Wraps patterns (probably familiar to Eleanor and Margaret) from Wollongong Spotlight. My first attempt at knitting the short Zhivargo wrap was tharwted by the lack of understanding of the tension square.

I also bought a digital download of Jo Sharp’s Knit Issue no. 1, which I know Margaret has a hard copy (sorry, Margaret, after you photocopied and sent me the patterns!). One the projects in the pipeline is the vest at the top left corner pictured below.

If anyone wants these patterns (especially those who have amassed yarn recently and looking for projects) I am happy to share. Just let me know.

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  1. eleanor11 said:

    Those Debblie Bliss patterns don’t look too hard. The moss stitch jacket will take a while due to moving the yarn back and forth for the moss stitch, but as it is a small garment for the little guy that will be OK. I haven’t felt any of her wool.

    Can I have a copy of the Zhivargo wrap?

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