Blacksheep adventure


The drive to the now world famous Blacksheep Wools shop involved steaming up the M6 motorway and then wending through country lanes to what turned out to be a local store for local people. Since we two had travelled so far, distance from store to home became part of the chit chat with various other customers. The shop was heaving, mostly with people who ‘only lived around the corner’. One poor woman was trying very hard to resist taking home some Louisa Harding tweed, while my companion was doing all she could to persuade our new friend that she couldn’t live without it. “I have a bedroom full of wool already that I couldn’t live without” she sadly confessed. She didn’t really have much chance anyway since we both stuffing our baskets with it. I think she may have been the ghost of knitting future pointing the route obsessions take. Between us we came home with around £300 worth of yarn.

My stash is pictured above: Louisa Harding gold tweed; Luisa Harding hand-dyed, maroon silk and wool; Classic Yarns baby alpaca DK in gooseberry and silk/cotton in Brick; and Patons 100% mercerised, machine washable cotton DK in navy.

I was wearing an icebreaker which was spotted by another customer who told me that there are periodic icebreaker sales sales at Asda the big supermarket chain, but I may have missed them this spring.

  1. eleanor11 said:

    Some additions from the Blacksheep Wools companion:
    The “classic” is a range of Rowan yarns.
    The Asda icebreakers are not actual icebreakers but their own-brand merino wool apparel. You identified this as similiar to the Target own-brand merino vest that you were wwearing and I think you showed the icebreaker wearing shopper this very same vest!

  2. novice_knitter said:

    The eBay seller I bought the Jo Sharp silkroad aran from is called ‘yarnaholic’. The back story of her store (I assume it is a she) is that she collected too much yarn and needs to sell some off. So maybe that’s what happens to the ghosts of knitting future.

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