Yarn and needles

Here are some yarn I am using at the moment (or recently used) for my knitting projects. Pictured above is the Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed (80% Merino Wool 10% Viscose 10% Acrylic) from my ribbed beanied saga (I am currently re-purposing the wool for a mobius).

Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra (85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere) is quite a thick and stiff yarn. I am guessing that the yarn gives the garment form and structure. See, for example, this garter stich scarf.

Surprisingly, Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran also has the same makeup (85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere), but it’s a much softer yarn than the Ultra. I bought 12 balls from eBay where I found a lot of people collecting yarn (because they love yar so much, or so they say) then selling them off. Whatever available is much cheaper than her distributors.

The Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran (75% Extra Fine Merino 20% Silk 5% Cashmere) is even softer. The 10% more silk adds that much more sheen.

The necessity of doing tension squares mean acquiring a range of needles. My overall preference is aluminium (I like the clicking metal sound). Another light bulb went on in my head recently when I realised that needles thicker than 5.00mm rarely come in metal. If they do, they generally are compartively more expensive. Spotlight is a depressing place to buy needles where all needles from 5.5mm upwards are plastic (quality plastic, mind you). So when Redmond went up to Sydney, I asked him to buy me a pair of 6.00mm bamboo from Lincraft. Apparently he disapproved of them and he bought me these ones instead from Morris & Sons:

They are very pleasureable to knit with (they do cost 3 – 4 times more). On the other side of the scale, I was delighted to find some good quality knitting needles from Vinnies for $1 a pair.

These bring back so much childhood memories of my aunts knitting – Aero was their needles of choice.


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