Garnet Ribbed Beanie

This ribbed beanie is made using Jo Sharp’s Silkroad Ultra (85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere) and one of her free patterns . She says that her 22 year old daughter, with little knitting experience, made this hat over a course of several evenings between her studies. Well, the knitting of this easy beanie turned out quite differently for me….. into a kind of saga.

I initially bought some Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed from Blacksheepwools (from their free worldwide shipping sales) to make this beanie. The Silkroad Ultra knits 13.5 st x 16 rows using 7.0mm needles and the Chunky Merion Tweek knits a 14 x 19 rows using 6.5mm needles. The pattern specifices 7.00mm so I proceeded. Everything seemed okay until I finished it: it was beanie for a giant!

I thought I must have the tension wrong. Friends were persuading me that you could just wear it like a rastafarian hat but how I could have got it so wrong! I was buying some Jo Sharp wool on super special so I decided to give the specified wool, the Silkroad Ultra, a go.

On my second go wit the beanie, I was running out of yarn and I wasn’t even at the decreasing (the shaping of the top). When I measured it against Redmond’s head, it was still too big. I was wracking my brain: how could I get it so wrong using the wool the pattern recommends. Then doing another tension square late one night, I realised my mistake . It was so small yet so huge!

I previously knitted Hollis’s hat using the Fisherman’s rib. The pattern goes: kb1, p1 (knit one below, purl one). The ribbed beanie pattern goes: kbl, p1. I assumed it was the same pattern, but what it’s saying is: knit one through the back of the loop, purl one!!!!! See my simple yet disasterous mistake?

So after mending the error of my way, the actual beanied did only take a couple of evenings to complete. And I did learn a few more things about knitting.

As the wearer, Redmond says that Silkroad Ultra makes a very warm and comfortable beanie that is not at all itchy. And Hollis approves.



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