Wearing all my knitting!


One day I wore all my knitting! Luckily the colours went OK together. This is the cowl at full length …And here it is with one loop round the neck…


And with two loops around the neck…


If I make another I would probably make it shorter (by about 1/3) and wider (double), so that it goes around the neck twice but can be worn as a shawl (it is currently too narrow to do this).

  1. novice_knitter said:

    The colours do go well together, I like the pale blue cotton – how did you find knitting with cotton? And how do you rate the warmth factor of the layers? The upside-down bolero looks quite warm.

    I agree with you about the cowl – my friend, Louise, is a cowl-wearer and looks quite good with it all wound up. But I myself would prefer a shorter one too. Jo Sharp has one in one of her knit books ‘Knit’ Issue 10 (although unfortunately, it’s not free): http://knitboutiqueyarnstore.bigcartel.com/product/knit-issue-10-digital-download The book also has a nice vest (scoop neck vest), but most patterns are already free (like your upside down bolero) so you wouldn’t really want to pay for it.

    • eleanor11 said:

      Knitting with the sublime cotton was really nice. It is very soft and so it is nice to knit but also the resultant fabric is quite floppy. I’ve got some different cotton that I’m knitting with at the moment (patons) – it is mercerised (not sure what that means) and is thinner and stiffer even though both it an the sublime are double knit (8ply) with the same stated tension.

  2. eleanor11 said:

    I’m knitting this Jo Sharp vest (http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/52425499/JSPDD-K001-VNECK-lg.jpg). Let me know if you want the pattern. The rib at the bottom takes forever!
    The Jo sharp cowl is described as a m̦bius so it must have a deliberate twist to the knitting in the round. It must be quite easy to work out the pattern Рit looks like moss stitch and a tension square will tell you how many stitches you need to get the diameter you want.

  3. novice_knitter said:

    That’s interesting about knitting in cotton. I bought the Patons mercerised cotton too from the Blacksheepwools sales. I am going to knit the Jo Sharp bolero jacket (http://www.josharp.com/free-patterns/k2-bolero.aspx) with it – but won’t do that spring is nearer (and hopefully, I am a bit more experienced in the different knitting techniques and graduate from beginner’s status).

    Mercerised cotton has been made shiny and lustrous by an industralised process. You can read about it on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercerised_cotton. Wikipedia has a useful basic entry on yarn used for knitting and crocheting, which I find quite handy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_yarns_for_crochet_and_knitting

    I am knitting 2 garments (both for myself) at the moment and I am using 2 different wool/ silk/ cashmere mix and they are totally different – I will put a post up about these projects.

    I think the trick with the cowl is to find a luxurious yarn for it – and not too long. The idea of a wist is interesting too.

    Also, I ended up buying that issue 1 for Jo Sharp’s Knit online (only 6.95AUD) so if you want any patterns from there, let me know.

    • eleanor11 said:

      The upside down bolero is in that one isn’t it? The free pattern tells you to sew it up with flat seam stitch and that the stitch is illustrated below, but then it isn’t there! Is it there on the printed version?

  4. novice_knitter said:

    No, the pattern for the upside-down bolero is the other issue that has the mobius and the nice vest. I am waiting to see whether they will discount as it has lots of other free patterns in it.

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