Upside-down Bolero


As a cardigan


As a bolero.

This can be see worn at this post.

  1. novice_knitter said:

    Well done! It looks like it required some marathon knitting.

    I am curious to find out how well you find your completed the jacket/ cardigan fit (couldn’t see it very well in the photographs). On Jo Sharp’s pattern, it looks like it’s quite fitted. Do you find the completed size of yours okay? I am a bit paranoid about the garment ended up too big. Margaret also mentioned that she knitted a cardigan that ended up not as fitted as she wanted it to be and recommended knitting a size down. (I myself have knitted a hat that was too big – but that was completely my fault for doing the wrong stitch for the tension square).

    Do you have any thoughts on picking the sizes to knit?

    • eleanor11 said:

      It is slightly looser than the photo suggests. It actually loosened up slightly after washing, but it think that is the yarn. I made the small, but made the arms the length specified on the large. I will try and get some better pictures of it worn.

      Sewing it up was the real issue with this garment – I had two do it nearly three times. The first sewing up I completely unpicked as it was too tight, then even some of the next time it was still to tight. It need to be nearly as stretchy as the knitting itself otherwise then seam pulls across your back where the rib neck/shoulders meets the back (worn as a cardigan).

      Because it has such a strange shape as it is made of three rectangles the fit is always going to be a bit weird. It’s actually better worn as a bolero but I’m not so keen on the short length.

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