Green mousse top


This top was finished a while ago. I like the big, visible stitches.  

It is a drops pattern ( but I used 12mm needles to get the right gauge. I changed the pattern slightly, making it a bit longer and replacing the rib at the bottom with garter. I did this after finishing it and realising that it was slightly too short and the rib was stretching in a way that wasn’t very nice. It is really hard to unpick rib from the bottom up!


Action photo!

  1. novice_knitter said:

    Yours look heaps bettern than the original design, I think. As you are a advocate of large needles – do you have any tips for converting yarn and needles size from an existing design/ pattern?

  2. eleanor11 said:

    I didn’t adapt the pattern (other than the bottom). The larger needles gave me the right stitch tension so I used them. My only tip is that when using different yarn to that specified, resulting in different size needles, you might get the right stitch count but not the right row count. This is not such a problem as most patterns have their main length measured in cm not rows. But it does mean that areas that are shaped by an increase or decrease on each row might be longer or shorter overall – this was the case with this top I think – the shoulders to armpits is longer than it should be.

    Another (perhaps obvious) tip is that as each type of yarn has a different length per 50g ball you need to check the overall length of yarn required, not the weight. You can find the original m length of the speficied yarn by looking online, and then multiply this by the number of balls specified in the pattern. Then check how much yarn is on each ball of the actual yarn you are using to see how many balls you need.

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