Blue Sublime Cotton Vest


The neck came out slightly different from the photo on the pattern:   This might be because I was knitting quite loosely on the circular needle for the neck, and I cast off loosely.

This can be see worn at this post.  And the yarn and first few rows are shown here.Once I had sown this up I thought it was slightly too short, so I unpicked all of the rib (only 6 rows) from the bottom and re-knitted a longer section of rib. I had previously tried out (on a tension square) unpicking from the bottom (the cast-on row) and reknitting from that (so in the other direction) and it worked OK. However, that was on stocking stitch which looks the same either way up. It is a different story for rib – I couldn’t just unpick the cast on and then keep on knitting from the existing rib as the “V” of the stiches turned upsiade down.

  1. novice_knitter said:

    The knitted fabric draps really well and I like our the ribbed bottom looks like it has a slight ‘frill’ to it. How much modification in terms of yarn and needle size di you make to the original pattern?

    • eleanor11 said:

      I’m pretty sure I used the 4mm needles specified as my tension was spot on and the yarn was the same tension as specified. I think the quantities of yarn were similiar to specified. Let me know if you want the pattern.

      The slight frill to the bottom is probably a result of two things – firstly I did that rib in a slightly larger needle (4.5mm) as I wanted it to be loose. And then I did a very loose cast off that I found online: This cast off is almost as stretchy as the rib itself. When worn it isn’t really ruffled as it is slightly stretched.

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