Knit knit

The new obsession has taken hold. I knit when Hollis in the bath. I knit when Hollis is playing. I knit when Hollis is sleeping. Whenever I take out my needles, my projection or a ball of wool, Hollis will say, ‘Knit knit!’

The other day, I casted a few stitches onto the 10mm circular needles for Hollis to play with.

He held the needles, put the tips together, wiggled them around – just like what we used to do when we pretended to knit with our aunt’s knitting needles when we were children.

He kept at it for a little while (and pulled the yarn off the needle).

Then he had enough.

  1. eleanor11 said:

    When do you think he might master the knitting?

    I am also knitting in whatever windows of time I can find. Moslty it is while watching TV is the evening (I can even knit while watching subtitles!). I also knit on the train, and I finid myself hurredly trying to finish a row as the train is pulling into my station. Sometimes when my colleagues catch the train with me they find my knitting amusing.

    • novice_knitter said:

      Hollis displayed a bit of aversion to wearing woolens a few days ago (when the weather turned chilly). Thankfully (I guess), he was also rejecting ice-breaker. For a moment, I thought that my knitting constantly might put him off hand-knit wear. Best to include him in activities.

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