Copy cowl

I continued to copy the Croydon knitters and knitted the ‘Gap-tatstic’ cowl using the by now famous Wollongnog Spotlight discounted mousse. I find the experience of kntting-in-the-round and using big needles very pleasurable.When I was learning to knit, I started with the standard 4mm and 8 ply wool. The actual mechanism of the stitches was pretty much a mystery to me as the ‘resolution’ was quite small. When knitting with big needles, you can really see how the yarn are looped and hooked together; it is easy to see when you knitted instead of purled or vice versa. (I think Eleanor’s suggestion of using 10mm with the mousse is perfect. I find that works a lot better than say the 6mm.)

Knitting-in-the-round using the circular needle makes the project very portable. As mentioned in Eleanor’s previous post, not worries about elbow room (you can even knit recling in bed), stop and start when you want, and so easy to pack away to knit somewhere else. Short needles also mean minimising accidents with with those small people. I find the tv-watching and knitting combination was not so much a problem so long as I don’t need to read subtitles. Mistatkes on the go are easy to spot and fix (if checked frequently).

I am now back to 4mm needles and 8-ply wool (excess from the Sideways Jumper project) knitting Hollis a beanie from the free pattern that came with the wool. Everything in comparison seems so microscopic!

Postscript: I have since made the cowl a present for my friend, Louise, whose birthday I missed. Louise lives in Canberra where temperatures are already dropping as we head towards winter. She would need it much more than me!


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