Ribbed scarf mutated copycat

I copied Alex’s ribbed scarf example and proceeded to use the same pattern to knit Redmond a scarf for this winter. But because I wasn’t thinking like a knitter, the project took a different turn.

Here are the scarf’s ‘specifications’:

  • 51 stiches across
  • First row, K1 P3 repeat till end, end with a knit stitch
  • Second row, P1, K3 repeat till end, end with a purl stitch
  • 7 balls of Mousse – wool + soya protein (from the famous Wollongong Spotlight Xmas sale, perhpas Eleanor gave me this blue wool…?) yardage approximately 60m each

I chose the colour of wool and the width of the scarf without thinking about yardage. By the time I got to the second ball of wool, it was apparent that the 5 balls of blue wool would not be enough for a long scarf of that width. I decided to incorporate the 2 balls of white wool into the project (I only had 2 of these because they were mistakenly mixed up in the discount bin.)

So, the finished scarf is a little fatter (wider) than it needed to be and shorter than I wanted it to be. If worn in a loop (as pictured in Alex’s post) the tails are minutely short that it looks a little ridiculous. It can be worn normally as a wrap-around.

But I quite like the blue changing into white then back to blue. I particularly like the joining on the non-ribbed side.

The moral of the story is: Think before you knit!


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