Monthly Archives: March 2012

This was knitted with the “Mousse” wool purchased in the sale in Wollongong Spotlight, and knitted on 10mm circular (80cm) needles, not the 9mm ones specified in the pattern. The pattern is from

Both joining in the round and casting off is a bit tricky and could have been neater. However, the rest was very easy – just keep on knitting until it is wide enough! There is no end to a row, you can start and stop whenever.

It was started on the plane on the way back to the UK, and due to the shortness of the needles, proved quite good for the restricted elbow room available and didn’t result in nudging of neighbours. It was completed on train journeys to work, and a car journey to and from Kidsgrove, both situations with limited elbow room. As the pattern is a knit one, purl one moss stitch it wasn’t so good for knitting in front of the TV as it needs more concentration and referring to the next stitch. The last row was completed last weekend in the car back from Kidsgrove, and the cast off completed on Sunday evening. The sewing in of ends was done this morning.